Seven Reasons to Shop at Fluorostore

With a few different stores selling fluoropolymers online, it's sometimes difficult to understand why one is better than another. We built Fluorostore around a few valuable components that we think sets us apart. Here's what keeps our customers coming back:

  1. Focus on Fluoropolymers - With 40+ years of technical expertise and fluoropolymers as our only product line, we have a focus on striving to be the best place to purchase high quality tubing and custom products.
  2. Widest Online Inventory - Fluorostore has over 300 sizes in stock for PTFE, FEP, PFA, and other common fluoropolymers in both metric and fractional dimensions, many of which are impossible to find elsewhere.
  3. Popular Bundled Lengths - Now, purchase tubing in widely popular bundles starting from 5 feet.
  4. Competitive Pricing - Our partnership with Fluorotherm Polymers allows us to offer the most competitive pricing online, as our products come straight from their manufacturing facility in the USA. 
  5. Free Domestic Ground Shipping - No longer worry about shipping rates. When you use ground shipping for domestic orders, pay nothing for shipping!
  6. New and Custom Products - Our partnership with Fluorotherm also allows us to be the first place to purchase brand new and custom fluoropolymer products like Conductive Tubing and PCTFE Structural Rods.
  7. Intuitive, Convenient Shopping Experience - Shopping online is all about convenience, that's why we continuously strive to improve our interface and have redesigned Fluorostore three times since launching. 

We hope you agree with many of the points above and enjoy shopping on Fluorostore. We'd love to hear from you if you've got suggestions or questions. Feel free to reach out to us at


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