Type: PCTFE Rod

Vendor: Fluorostore

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  • PCTFE, supplied as rods by Fluorotherm, is largely used for machined products for bearings, washers, gaskets, valve seats, gears and many other similar applications.

    Although it is generally more expensive than many other polymers and metals, it is the only appropriate material for use in applications where temperatures (high or low), chemical resistance, and electrical properties are all of primary concern. The stability of PCTFE under these conditions individually or in combination, is critical to the performance of the product in which it is a component. A prime feature of PCTFE is its impermeability to moisture, the reason it is used as a film in tablet packaging. While chemically resistant to mineral acids and other chemicals, unlike other fluoropolymers (PTFE, FEP, PFA), it is not recommended for organics, such as aromatic solvents, ethers and esters.

    Manufactured by Fluorotherm in the USA, it is light gray in color.

  • Tensile strength between 4860 - 5710 psi
    Maximum use temperature of 500 F (260 C)
    Very low gas permeability, non-flammable, and high dimensional stability under thermal cycling
    Light gray in color
    Manufactured in the USA