PTFE AWG Spaghetti Tubing

  • The classic, original, the gold standard. PTFE was the äóìmiracleäó? fluoropolymer invented in the 1940äó»s by DuPont - a product originally without a market and hard to process. Most other materials continue to use PTFE as a reference for chemical resistance.

    PTFE AWG tubing, also called spaghetti tubing, ranges from standard sizes AWG 0 to AWG 32. This size range of tubing is available in various wall thickness varying from 0.006äó? to 0032äó?, depending upon size. Click here to see their translation into inches. The AWG sizes were originally developed for the wire and cable industry, which still uses the bulk of AWG tubing for jacketing of copper wires (hence the unit American Wire Gage). The range of applications extended over time and now includes heat exchangers, medical uses, laboratory and instrumentation, and environmental sampling.

    Manufactured by Fluorotherm in the USA, it is semi-transparent in color and FDA approved.

  • The original fluoropolymer developed in the 1940s
    Available in American Wire Gage (AWG) sizes 0 to 32
    Lowest coefficient of friction of any polymer and the gold standard for chemical inertness
    Maximum use temperature of 500 F (260 C)
    Semi-transparent in color
    Manufactured by Fluorotherm in the USA

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