FEPG Conductive and Anti-Static Sheets (12" x 12")

per foot



FEP H2 is a thermally conductive, antistatic sheet that is manufactured by Fluorotherm® and is opaque gray in color. These thermoplastic sheets can be heat sealed, thermoformed, laminated, welded, or metalized to be used in a wide variety of applications. With its almost universal chemical resistance, anti-static properties, wide operating temperature range, mechanical toughness, and long-term weatherability there are numerous uses where FEP H2 becomes an ideal solution. FEP H2 is a super smooth, nonstick, slippery surface with extremely low friction. Fluorotherm® FEP H2 is available in thicknesses ranging from .010” to .094”.

   Chemical Compatibility

  • FEP H2 sheet exhibits chemically inertness to a wide range of solvents,      inorganic chemicals and organic solvents

  •   Anti-Static Properties - Superior reliability and retention of properties


Anti-Static Resistivity and Thermal Conductivity

  • Surface Resistivity – 10e10 to 10e12 Ohms per sq.

  •    Thermal Conductivity – 0.305 to 0.482 Watts/M-K

Base FEP resin has a Thermal Conductivity of 0.190 to 0.250 Watts/M-K


Wide thermal Range

  • High continuous service temperature

  • Continuous service temperatures -240⁰C to 205⁰C (-400⁰F to 400⁰F)

  • Heat Sealable

  • Can be thermally welded

 Mechanical Toughness

  • Excellent Anti-stick and low frictional properties

  • Impact and tear resistance  

  • High dimensional stability 

 Long term weatherability


Hydrophobic, non-wetting to most chemicals


Typical Applications

·  Appliance controls

·  Applications requiring simultaneous thermal and static charge dissipation

·  Corrosive environments where temperature control is required

·  Printing and graphics

·  Laboratory and Analytical Environment Surfaces

·  Gasketing and sealing applications where thermal buildup and seal integrity is a problem


*Surface Resistivity and Thermal Conductivity may be adjusted by varying the formulation of the FEP based resin blend


  • Size: 12" x 12"

  • Selected grades of FEP comply with FDA 21 CFR.177.1550

  • Tolerance Thickness: -0.000/+20%.

Technical Properties

For FEP technical properties, see Fluorotherm.