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What Is Monofilament Fiber Used for?

One of the fluoropolymer products we manufacture for many different industries is monofilament fiber. In a nutshell, monofilament is a single filament of synthetic fiber. Monofilament is made by melting and mixing polymers. The polymer mixture is then extruded through...

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Why are catheters lined with PTFE?

If you’re imagining how a catheter is used, you might wonder if catheter insertion hurts. It usually doesn’t but it can cause some discomfort. In order to minimize any pain or distress of insertion, catheter manufacturers are always looking for new methods and materials that will reduce friction.
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Abrasion Resistant Bowden 3D Printer 2x4 mm PTFE RepRap Tubing

Fluorostore introduces a new abrasion resistant grade Bowden 2 x 4 mm tubing for mineral filled filaments. These filament materials are now being introduced to the market to provide increased structural stability and integrity to printed 3D products. Mineral fillers include materials such as...

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