Boost Heat Transfer with FEP and PFA Heat-Conductive Tubing

Our partners at Fluorotherm have developed a new fluoropolymer product out of FEP and PFA resins that achieves high heat transfer efficiency while retaining the chemical inertness and resistance of fluoropolymers.

Created from FEP and PFA resins, it retains the unique chemical inertness of fluoropolymers to most chemicals. It also continues to demonstrate longevity under aggressive chemical environments, as well as extreme temperatures. Yet, many of the other standard features have been improved for the product’s release. Primarily, the amount of thermal conductivity is 2.7 times higher than that of natural fluoropolymers, a significant increase compared to recently developed tubing products. The new product also maintains an excellent anti-stat property that resists dust and other particulate contaminants, which will result in a cleaner environment for engineers and scientists in any lab or facility.

Fluoropolymer Heat-Conductive Tubing comes in both fractional and metric sizes and can be purchased right here on Fluorostore.

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