Abrasion Resistant Bowden 3D Printer 2x4 mm PTFE RepRap Tubing

Fluorostore introduces a new abrasion resistant grade Bowden 2 x 4 mm tubing for mineral filled filaments.

These filament materials are now being introduced to the market to provide increased structural stability and integrity to printed 3D products. Mineral fillers include materials such as Calcium Carbonate, silica, glass beads, calcium sulfate, etc., in bead or fiber forms. These fillers cause wear and abrasion of the Bowden or RepRap tubing as the filament passes through it. PTFE is a relatively soft material and not very wear resistant. For this purpose, a more abrasion resistant tubing is required.

Fluorostore now offers ETFE as a product this meet this need. For a comparison of properties of PTFE and ETFE, please visit http://www.fluorotherm.com/technical-information/materials-overview/material-comparison/​​ or buy today at https://www.fluorostore.com/products/ptfe-bowden-2mm-x-4mm-clear-tube-for-3d-printer-reprap

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