Common FAQs regarding fluoropolymers

What are fluoropolymers? Although the term may sound complex, they play an important role in many products that we depend on every day. In fact, you've probably used a product that was made from a fluoropolymer without even realizing it. To help you better understand fluoropolymers and their many uses and benefits, we've examined some of the most commonly asked questions about them, along with their answers.


What is a Fluoropolymer?

As the name implies, a fluoropolymer is a polymer that contains carbon and fluorine. This results in a plastic, rubber or resin that is used in manufacturing to create high-performance industrial coatings. Fluoropolymers were first created in 1930 and used for the first time in 1945 for military reasons. Since then, they have become one of the most versatile materials and are utilized in nearly every field of modern technology and science today.

What are They Used for?

Fluoropolymers are special plastics that are used in virtually every industry imaginable, and many that you probably didn't consider. For instance, they are commonly used in automotive fuel hoses, semi-conductor manufacturing equipment, wire insulation for computer networks, data communications cable, food and medical equipment, and in nonstick cookware and bakeware, among many other things. Fluoropolymer coatings are key to flame resistance and chemical protection, and are used extensively in clothing for firefighters, emergency workers, military personnel, and sporting.

What are Their Benefits?

Fluoropolymers have many unique benefits that make them so popular. They are largely recognized for their excellent resistance to heat, and handle up to 500°F without problems; they can also manage cold temperatures reaching as low as -100°F. In addition to their resistance to heat, fluoropolymers are also resistant to water, salt, and chemicals in some of the most extreme environments. They help improve the performance and safety of things like automobiles and aircrafts and help reduce the risk of fire. They have green benefits as well, helping to decrease air, water, industrial, and automotive pollution. They are also strong, lightweight, and very durable, so they last a long time.

Fluoropolymers are used in many parts of our everyday lives and serve a variety of important purposes. We understand the importance of this material and its applications. We have an array of products, including fluoropolymer tubing and rods, fabricated products, heat exchangers and more, and we serve various industries. To learn more, feel free to browse our site today!

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