Fluoropolymers do what other materials can't

Fluoropolymers do what other materials can't

Ask any professional, and they will tell you which tools and materials are preferred by their industry. Whether it be performance, durability, safety, or affordability, there are always specific materials and tools solely used by experienced industry professionals. When it comes to fluoropolymers, it has become the go-to material across multiple industries, including transportation, chemical processing, medical, electronics and electrical, oil and gas, power plant, food processing, and building and construction. Since its invention in 1938, fluoropolymers have continued to push innovation forward by providing what other materials cannot. Online fluoropolymer supplier, Fluorostore.com has long led the fluoropolymer manufacturing industry and provides key PTFE, FEP, and PFA products to various essential industries. While it is evident that fluoropolymers have become an essential asset to a variety of industries, the question remains what makes this material stand out from other polymers.

Durability Over Long Periods of Time

Fluoropolymers posses a highly durable coating that can maintain optimal performance for long periods of time. Fluoropolymers are used in a number of commercial industries and have gone through a variety of US safety regulation testing and weather testing to ensure optimal safety. Today, fluoropolymers are used in wire and cable insulation, seals/bushing, and within private and military aircraft. In high-intensity and volatile environments, fluoropolymers have become the number one material for a variety of applications.

Insulation to Prevent Overheating

Fluoropolymers are frequently used in a variety of different industries, including automotive and aviation. This is primarily due to fluoropolymer's unique electrical performance and insulation capabilities. Fluoropolymers' ability to insulate and protect from overheating allows for safer travel and has become a go-to material in various travel industries. Fluoropolymers are highly regulated in the US to ensure safety and have become one of the most popular non-adhesive, low-friction plastics on the market.

Chemical and Temperature Resistant

The materials used to make fluoropolymer are fluorocarbon-based, meaning they can be used in highly specialized environments where other plastics and materials cannot be used. One of the most common fluoropolymer applications is in cable wiring due to the material's ability to withstand high heat and corrosion over time. For extended periods of time, fluoropolymers do not require maintenance, meaning they can be used at extreme heights and in extreme conditions. 

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