Now offering fluoropolymer consulting services

Now offering fluoropolymer consulting services

Fluorotherm, the leading manufacturer of high-quality fluoropolymer products, has been in the industry for more than two decades. Having built up a solid reputation based on performance and affordability, the company's product portfolio is trusted by a long and loyal customer list. 

The team boasts in-depth knowledge and expertise on a wide range of fluoropolymers, offering unmatched insight into the sector and its applications. The uniqueness of all their consultancy and sourcing services comes from a hands-on approach with the industry's most advanced equipment, processes, developments, and marketing practices.

Providing Material Selection Advice to a Wide Range of Industries

One of the key areas of Fluorotherm's polymer expert consulting services is material selection. From PTFE to FEP to PVDF to PEEk to ETFE to other polymers, they identify the perfect high-performance candidates for their client's applications. 

Regardless of the industry, the company works on test protocols to track and interpret the results, allowing them to uncover the best possible match based on the customer's performance needs.

They understand that all clients require unique solutions. Thus, the team is more than capable of creating polymer blends to ensure bespoke needs are met, such as advanced heat resistance or increased flexibility. 

Offering Thermal and Electrical Conductivity Products to Those Who Need Them Most

Certain industries require heat transfer products that work under extreme temperatures or in chemically intensive areas. Due to the company's advanced knowledge in the field, they are able to offer such products with relative ease. 

The team works hard to identify conductivity-sensitive fillers, considering chemical structures, shape characteristics, and compatible isoforms as they go. 

Plus, they utilize a predictive theoretical approach and field runs to give their clients blend samples, guaranteeing the optimal balance of native component properties. 

Working with Clients to Leverage the Company's Wealth of Fluoropolymer Knowledge

On top of the product selection services and consultancy, Fluorotherm leverages their vast experience in the industry to help clients find and market applications for their product concepts. 

In addition, the company's in-house experts help their client's teams to create product-introducing strategies and pricing structures. 

But they don't leave their clients at this stage. Fluorotherm's team carries them through the entire process by also providing:

  • representation and help with marketing products as per individualized business agreements. 
  • follow-up services as consultants or active partners on the products' usages, life cycle, and performance. 
  • participation with the client during industry shows and presentations, including the introduction of novelty in the product and its expected applications. 

The One-Stop Shop for Expert Polymer Consulting, Processes, and Products

Fluorotherm is the one-stop shop for instant access to a wealth of polymer expertise. The company truly takes the time to get to know their clients, allowing them to participate in many aspects of product selection, process development consulting, product sourcing, and even development. 

Potential clients can get in touch with the fluoropolymer consulting service by emailing 

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