The growing demand for heat-shrink tubing

Since the 1990s, we have been a leading fluoropolymer manufacturer in the industry. From FEP tubing to PTFE tubing and more, the outlook of the industry is one of immense optimism. Just this past month, a Research and Markets report stated that the global heat-shrink tubing market will reach $3.1 billion by 2027. Currently, the market accounts for approximately $1.71 billion.

We believe the key factor that equates to the growth can be traced back to a growing demand for electricity across the world. Also, automobile manufacturers continue to rely on FEP tubing and other heat shrinking tubing in order to properly and safely insulate the engine compartment. The report states that polyolefin is expected to be the biggest player in the heat-shrink tubing market over the next five years. This material from Fluorotherm can be utilized and trusted by the aerospace, military and telecommunications sector where it’s imperative that electrical insulation comes with environmental and mechanical protection. Polyolefin is known for its crack resistance, tensile strength and density.

While North American companies have been utilizing our services for FEP tubing and more since the 1990s, Asia Pacific has seen the largest growth in the need for heat-shrink tubing. The Research and Markets report projects that by 2024, Asia Pacific countries will have the highest demand for tubing in the world. This is in direct correlation to the economic boom in the region. Electricity demand in the area has never been higher and the market shows it has no signs of slowing down. With an aging infrastructure, replacements will need to be made and FEP tubing, along with other heat-shrink tubing, will need to be utilized in mass quantities. There are already plans in development for an increase in electrical grids and power generating capabilities, which will directly correlate to FEP tubing purchases in the area.

With an increase in demand looming, we remain committed to meeting the needs of the industry. Our experts also work to ensure that every client in need of FEP tubing or any other type of heat exchangers enjoys the best quality and the best prices on the market. A growing demand certainly comes with challenges, but the ability to rise to any challenge is a large reason Fluorotherm has been able to lead the industry for nearly three decades.

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