The superiority of our Conductive PFA tubing in gas sampling applications

Our H2 thermally conductive PFA tubing (approximately 2.5x the thermal conductivity of normal PFA) has been recently featured in an extensive study measuring the benefits of using such a material in gas sampling applications. 

"Since conductive PFA combines low interaction with gases with the electrical conductivity needed to sample particles, it is an optimal choice for applications that require joint gas-plus-aerosol sampling lines."

"Conductive PFA tubing and Silonite were shown to be the best choices for simultaneous gas and particle sampling; however, we note that the Silonite purchased here cost 2.5 times that of con-ductive PFA per foot. Conductive FEP, although not tested in this work, may combine good gas and particle transmission at approximately half the price of conductive PFA."

Read and download the full report here:

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