The unsung benefits of Fluoropolymers

As most people know, scientific research is dedicated to the discovery of new and improved products or procedures for the benefit of mankind. Unfortunately, developing said improvements often places scientists and engineers in potentially dangerous positions, working with powerful tools and caustic chemicals. To prevent encountering potentially hazardous situations on a regular basis, laboratories need to be stocked with the safest and most thoroughly tested tools that can withstand intense treatment. Thankfully, fluoropolymer materials have a long list of beneficial qualities that make testing and experimenting safer than ever. Below is just a small sample of the various ways in which fluoropolymers make science possible.

Providing Electric Potential

Electricity is pure energy, and as such working with it can be difficult. If, at any point, there is an open access within a cable, a single touch to a conductive material can cause a painful shock or worse. Some systems are sensitive enough to completely crash if the right material does not offer insulation. Fortunately, fluoropolymers make the perfect cable connectors, cable jacketing, circuit breakers, heat-trace cable, leak-trace cable, stand-off insulators and tubing.

Offering Factory Workers a bit of cover

Working in the dangerous industrial field comes with its own set of dangers, mainly the threat of getting drenched in harmful fluids. Several types of corrosive, alkaline, or acidic chemicals offer the opportunity to damage the skin and other vital organs. Scientists have found that by crafting protective garments from fluoropolymer, laborers remain completely unaffected when accidentally splashed. Aside from safety, this fact alone helps improve productivity as well.

Keeping Firefighters cool

Fluoropolymers make up the key ingredient in the production of fire resistant materials. Professionals such as firefighters require protective suits that will allow them the ability to withstand blistering heat and flames while on duty. The same material that goes into developing the coating of electrical wires offers the heat resistant quality used by firefighters around the world. The durable fire-retardant features of fluoropolymers shed water, resist abrasion and retain insulation.

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