Why Are Wires Insulated with FEP Tubing?

All around us there are wires and cables that power our electronics, connect us to the internet, and more. In order to protect these wires and cables and prevent an adverse event, insulation is needed. But you might ask what kind of materials can you use for insulation that will protect the integrity of the wire and cable and still be resistant to the electric current? Increasingly, manufacturers and cabling experts are favoring fluoropolymers and FEP tubing in particular.


Wire and cable insulation is incredibly important for a variety of applications, including applications for the military. FEP tubing is often preferred because it is cost-effective when compared to PTFE. It also has a use temperature of 450°F and has better electrical properties than other fluoropolymers.  It has a working temperature that is about 30% higher than PTFE tubing and low dielectic constant. This is important when dealing with high electrical breakdown voltage. In addition to that, FEP tubing has high chemical resistance, high UV transmission, and excellent durability. Finally, FEP tubing can be produced in long continuous tubing lengths if needed.

Why Is Electrical Insulation Necessary?

Wires and cables require insulation because there are various elements and factors that could damage them and affect their ability to function properly. Some you probably know already. For example, the weather is a major concern. Hotter and colder temperatures could damage the wire – as can wind, rain, ice, and snow. In addition to that, another issue is corrosion. There are often harmful chemicals present in household application that could cause significant carrion to the wires and cables. Also, for underground applications, crushing is a big problem. When used underground, these wires and cables face extreme pressure. In order to protect wires and cables in underground applications, insulation is a must.

For these reasons and more, insulation is necessary in a variety of wire and cable applications. Damaged wires and cables could cause significant headaches for businesses and individuals alike, making the material chosen for insulation incredibly important. FEP tubing is a natural fit here given its electrical properties and overall cost. At Fluorostore, we are proud to carry FEP tubing and other fluoropolymer tubing for various applications in many different industries. 

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