PTFE Straight 6-Foot Custom Lengths

each (6' lengths)

These PTFE thick-walled straight lengths come in 6-foot sizes and possess the same properties as standard PTFE.  They are a great choice as an electrical insulator in high voltage equipment or machined to short lengths for mechanical applications.

  • High dielectric strength and low dielectric constant
  • Minimum dissipation factor, high volume and surface resistivity
  • Non Flammability, especially compared to organic insulators
  • Supplied in Straight 6-foot Lengths
  • Opaque in color
Size Wall Thickness
1/2" ID x 5/8" OD 1/16"
3/8" ID X 1/2" OD 1/16"
1/4" ID X 3/8" OD 1/16"
3/16" ID X 5/16" OD 1/16"
5/8" ID x 3/4" OD 1/16"