What Is Monofilament Fiber Used for?

One of the fluoropolymer products we manufacture for many different industries is monofilament fiber. In a nutshell, monofilament is a single filament of synthetic fiber. Monofilament is made by melting and mixing polymers. The polymer mixture is then extruded through holes, creating lines of various thickness. While it used in many applications now, many people are introduced to monofilament fiber the first time they go fishing. 

In the early part of the 20thCentury, DuPont invented nylon, which is a thermoplastic polymer that can be melted into fibers, films, or different shapes. With properties like a high melting point and excellent abrasion resistance, nylon was used for a wide variety of applications – many of those being wartime uses. In addition to wartime applications, DuPont saw the potential for nylon to be used as monofilament fishing line because of these and other properties.

Later, fluoropolymer materials (specifically PVDF) were introduced, and they are often favorited by fishermen because they are less discernible, more durable, and resistant to UV light. If you have ever gone fishing, you might have used monofilament fishing line made from a fluoropolymer, but that is not its only use.


Where Is Our Monofilament Fiber Used?

As of right now, Fluorotherm manufactures monofilament fiber in PTFE, but we plan on expanding to fluoropolymers like FEP, PFA, ETFE, and PEEK to meet our customers’ needs. They are all currently under development. Today, monofilament fiber is used for much more than fishing line. 

For example, monofilament fiber is used in woven products to create non-stick, high temperature surfaces. It is used in the automotive and aerospace markets as braided sleeves to protect pipes, hoses, and bundled wire from chemically-harsh and abrasive environments. Monofilament fiber made from PTFE is also often used in the construction of brushes, belts, fabrics, and more. Other industries that utilize monofilament fiber for various uses include medical supplies manufacturers, 3D printing, textiles, and apparel.

PTFE and other fluropolymer materials are chemically-resistant, have a high-use temperature, and can withstand UV radiation, making them the preferred material for many different industrial applications. You will find monofilament fiber of various sizes and colors, depending on the end use.

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