FEP Heat Shrink Tubing Probe Cover

  • Probe covers are used to encapsulate expensive glass or metal parts that are used as probes in Œæsensitive, high purity and corrosive environments. Since probes are generally installed once in a hard to access places, and are covered in a fluid stream (gas or liquid), FEP encapsulation assures longevity of the probe owing to its excellent lubricity and thermal, electrical and chemical resistance properties. These products are sold inŒæstandardŒæ6 inch lengths. For custom lengths please contact Fluorostore.Œæ

  • Protect rollers or objects exposed to hazardous orŒæchemicalŒæaggressive environments
    Seam-free roll covers provide uniform strength all around your part
    Wide service temperature range from -200C to +200C
    Unmatched chemical inertness and surface release properties
    Excellentξflammability rating of V-0 under UL 94 test conditions
    Semi-transparent in color
    Manufactured by Fluorotherm in the USA

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