FEP Heat Shrink Tubing Roll Cover

  • Roll covers made from FEP reduce accumulation of particles and easily release adhesives on rollers used in food, paper and textile industries, wherever rollers are used.Œæ

    Select Exp (expanded, as supplied) size larger than part to be covered and Rec (recovered, after shrinkage) size smaller than the smallest part of the part. Tubing should be cut 4 to 10% longer than the part length. FEP shrinks at a temperature of 350 deg F. A standard heat gun is normally adequate to shrink the tubing.ξ

  • Protect rollers or objects exposed to hazardous orŒæchemicalŒæaggressive environments
    Seam-free roll covers provide uniform strength all around your part
    Wide service temperature range from -200C to +200C
    Unmatched chemical inertness and surface release properties
    Excellentξflammability rating of V-0 under UL 94 test conditions
    Semi-transparent in color
    Manufactured by Fluorotherm in the USA

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