Thermally Conductive / Anti-Stat Tubing

  • If youäó»re looking for the highest heat conductivity in a chemically aggressive environment, then Fluorothermäó»s Heat-Conductive Tubing could be perfect. A proprietary product, this tubing has around 2.7x higher heat conductivity than PTFE, FEP, PFA, or ETFE.

    It can be used in a variety of applications for dust and particulate control, electrical discharge, and where thermal dissipation is required. Product performance depends upon the specific application conditions, but the mechanical properties, such as working pressure, are equal to or better than its natural fluoropolymer tubing counterparts.

    Manufacturing industries utilize this product for safety reasons where dust can be a hazard or for process reasons where particulate control and precipitation are required. The ultra smooth tubing surface and non-stick characteristics help impede the undesirable build up of particles. The mechanical strength and high temperature capability of this tubing makes it the material of choice for transporting hot fluids, including water and steam.

    Manufactured by Fluorotherm in the USA, it is dark gray in color.

  • Proprietary fluoropolymer based on FEP and PFA resins with an extremely smooth tubing surface
    Approximately 3X higher thermal conductivity than PTFE, FEP, PFA, and ETFE and most other polymers
    Excellent anti-static properties for the prevention of dust accumulation
    Great for applications where dust and particulate control are a priority
    Gray color
    Manufactured by Fluorotherm in the USA

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