FEP Tubing

  • The cost-effective brother of PTFE, FEP was developed as a conventionally melt processible fluoropolymer in response to the limitations and initial difficulties in processing PTFE.

    It is a copolymer of TFE, the basic fluoro-monomer building block. The addition of a modifier results in a small, but meaningful departure from the properties of PTFE. Mainly, it possesses a working pressure that is 30% higher, transparent walls, a small increase in stiffness, and a use temperature that is 50 degrees F lower. Unlike PTFE tubing, long continuous lengths of FEP can be produced by extrusion. The relatively low cost and desired properties of FEP tubing drives its use in many applications that require high electrical breakdown voltage, low dielectric constant, high chemical resistance, high UV transmission, excellent sterilizability and longevity of use.

    Manufactured by Fluorotherm in the USA, it is transparent and and USP Class VI, NSF and FDA approved.

  • Cost-effective fluoropolymer and alternative to PTFE
    Excellent UV transmission, electrical, and mechanical properties than PTFE
    Longer continuous tubing lengths available compared to PTFE
    Great for cabling, electrical insulation, water disinfection, environmental and food contact applications
    Use temperature of 450 F (230 C)
    Transparent in color
    Manufactured by Fluorotherm in the USA

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