Fluoropolymer Tubing – A Growing Industry Set to Rival All Other Tubing

Fluoropolymer Tubing – A Growing Industry Set to Rival All Other Tubing

Fluoropolymer tubing is a highly insulated form of tubing used across industries for its ability to withstand heat and chemical reactions. The fluoropolymer tubing industry is growing at an outstanding 5.2% compounded annual growth rate thanks, in part, to a growing demand for products that have a low coefficient of friction.

As the fluoropolymer tubing industry continues to grow, you’ll likely start seeing more of the material in your everyday life. Let’s take a look at where the industry is expected to go and how this futuristic material could make its way into your home.

What is Fluoropolymer Tubing?

Fluoropolymer tubing is a type of tubing made from a polymer that contains fluorine atoms. This type of tubing is known for its resistance to chemicals and its ability to withstand high temperatures. It is also often used in applications where a low coefficient of friction is desired, such as in vehicles and mechanics.

Fluoropolymer tubing is highly heat-resistant to the point that it’s considered nonflammable, while still managing to be flexible and nonstick. This makes it a wonderful material for use in the following industries:

  • Electric automotive production
  • Chemical processing
  • Electrical manufacturing, including fiber optics
  • Food and beverage production
  • Medical equipment and pharmaceuticals
  • Semiconductor production

If there’s a risk of fire or chemical reactivity, fluoropolymer tubing is the solution.

How Quickly is the Fluoropolymer Tubing Industry Growing?

Market analysts expect the fluoropolymer tubing industry to grow at a sizeable 5.2% compounded annual growth rate over the next five years, jumping from $513 million to $662 million by 2026. They project that it’s expected to grow thanks to an increased demand for medical equipment, electric vehicles, and private aerospace industries.

As the world continues to shift away from standard fossil-fuel-driven vehicles, the automotive industry will require sturdier and more effective insulators to conduct electrical currents throughout their vehicles. This opens the market to massive potential growth, driving investments in fluoropolymer industries.

What Could Hold the Fluoropolymer Tubing Industry Back?

Despite a growing market and an influx of investors, the fluoropolymer tubing industry faces an uphill battle against a handful of limiting factors. Some potential issues that could be holding the industry back include:

  • The high cost of fluoropolymer materials
  • The difficulty of manufacturing products using fluoropolymer tubing
  • Continued supply-chain issues

Because manufacturers require fluorine gas to produce fluoropolymer tubing, as well as specialized equipment to cast the polymer, it’s currently more expensive to produce the material compared to cheaper, PVC pipes. Additionally, high demand for the material has driven up the price and limited the supply.

Final Thoughts on Fluoropolymer Tubing

Fluoropolymer tubing is an excellent material for a variety of industries thanks to its high heat and chemical resistance, flexibility, and durability. The global fluoropolymer tubing industry is expected to continue growing at a massive rate, suggesting that you’ll soon see the material in your own home or garage. However, production costs and supply-chain issues could limit the speed at which the industry grows.

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